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December 28, 2005 - Valur Gunnarsson PAGE 78
"A Little Trip to Heaven is a movie that stands on its own merit. Baltasar has probably yet to make his best movies but A Little Trip to Heaven shows a man who has fully mastered his craft".

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"BALTASAR Kormákur boldly launches himself into the international film scene with his third and most recent feature, A Little Trip to Heaven".

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"I think Baltasar can just have a shave and blow the dust off his dancing shoes, because this movie has all the elements of a hit".

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Roger Elbert

"Has there ever been a gloomier-looking movie than “A Little Bit of Heaven?” Here is a gothic noir that is set in America but was filmed in Iceland, where director Baltasar Kormakur finds a landscape and a shambling farmhouse so cold, dark and forbidding it becomes like another character".

E Insiders

"Definitely different "Heaven," at times, feels like David Lynch territory. Don't let the problematic cryptic title throw you, this is worth watching for Whitaker's performance alone".

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